Why Ted’s Pain Cream Ad Stars Greg, Whose Name Didn’t Make It On The Product

Note: Ted’s Pain Cream was created by both Ted and Greg. Ted’s Pain Cream claims to “outsmart pain on a molecular level.” If only it could outsmart Greg’s pain of having his name left off of the product. Strategically renaming the product “Ted’s Pain Cream” from “Resveratech,” Kickstand creative director […]

London-Based Agency Uses A Pair Of Jeans To Send A Powerful Message

PIECE OF US/PIECE OF ASS By: Uncreative, The Agency Creatives: Villy Devlioti & Ada Alti Before the #metoo began trending on twitter and extending to other social platforms, Tarana Burke created the campaign as a grassroots movement in 2007 to reach sexual assault survivors in underprivileged communities as she explains to Ebony this past […]