Where One Retailer Is Taking Online Clothing Brands

Adweek asks, “The internet has rewired the consumer mind, but what does that mean for the fashion world?”

And Betabrand answers.

The first reason Betabrand is disrupting the industry is by bringing ideas online. Rather than spending months in design and testing processes, they create 3-D renderings of new ideas within weeks where consumers can practically purchase these products straight from the designers on their desktop.

Here’s one example courtesy of Betabrand:

Betabrand allows designers to upload their own work, and you can also vote for others. If the designs you vote for are launched into a crowdfunding projects, expect a hefty discount off those products. Mixing the web layout of a retailer and social communities from crowdfunding, Betabrand reimagines the fashion industry through fostering community.

Consumers guide the brand. They upload designs. They vote for designs. Betabrand makes the product, connects the community, and offers mega deals.

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Designs can also get a little weird

But at the end of the day, Betabrand is the crowdsourcing fashion brand every needs to be talking about.

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