Lionsgate’s New “Choose Kindness” Chrome Extension You MUST Download

Lionsgate’s new Chrome Extension detects abusive online content and filters it out to fill your feed with positivity. After downloading it just sign in with your Google account and you’re all set!


You have three different levels of kindness you can set your extension to. I put mine all the way up! Why would you do anything less?

In the days leading up to the release of their movie Wonder featuring a young boy who gets bullied, Lionsgate’s film studio created a Google Chrome extension that depicts hateful, mean, and violent social content and filters out all the bad stuff in the world. Surprisingly, there is still a lot of content out there, most of which is from people who’s content don’t typically show up in my feed. It looks like I’ve been interacting with some naughty people, and Lionsgate’s chrome extension is in complete line with Wonder’s values. They spread positivity and filter out the bullies. Bullies. Be. Gone.

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