Spotify Taking A Hint From Snapple?

It’s nothing new for Spotify. In fact, their media buyers took the same approach as last year. They took a fun approach sharing interesting Spotify facts on outdoor advertising mediums. Adweek described their approach as “billboards with snappy headlines based around fun tidbits of user data.”


Spotify out of home 2016

Taking notes from Snapple’s success, possibly on accident as well, writers utilizes what author Jonah Berger of “Contagious” describes as social currency. Essentially, they share facts worth spreading with a “hey I saw this and bet you didn’t know” kind of twist.

The fun of watching an online brand utilize out of home tickles my fancy every glimpse I get. While you can’t walk into a retailer and ask, “may I have one Spotify, please?” media placement focuses on reaching your consumer in a place they wouldn’t expect. Expecting to see digital ads, banners, and videos for an online streaming service, Spotify advertisers knew their consumer base listens to music while on the go and often out of home. Placing large outdoor ads with relatively low CPM is an incredible effective way to garner paid media attention by a high flow of passerby traffic and articles written about your brilliance.


Enjoy these other gems courtesy of Adweek:

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