Why Ted’s Pain Cream Ad Stars Greg, Whose Name Didn’t Make It On The Product

Note: Ted’s Pain Cream was created by both Ted and Greg.

Ted’s Pain Cream claims to “outsmart pain on a molecular level.” If only it could outsmart Greg’s pain of having his name left off of the product. Strategically renaming the product “Ted’s Pain Cream” from “Resveratech,” Kickstand creative director Matt Bull shoots it straight to Ad Freak, “when they hired us to do their marketing, we told them they needed to rethink the name. We pushed hard for Ted’s, which nearly everyone – including Greg [who is a real person] – supported.”

Currently with over 35,000 views, Greg is the star of the ad, playing himself. His humor makes it worth watching ten times over. You can find the Facebook video here -> https://www.facebook.com/TedsBrainScience/videos/2006637369354305/

Because they recently invented the product, it’s imperative to develop a campaign that makes the name both memorable and instantly associates with its intended use. Greg’s video does exactly that. By using Greg as the anti-hero, his pain is a source for clear brand associations while a jumping off point to Ted’s Pain Cream, the name of the product and a simple name like Greg. My next recommendation is to buy the domain name (notgregspaincream.com currently only $11.99 for the first year on GoDaddy) and see how far this campaign can truly extend.


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