Spooky Halloween Branding Ideas 👻👻👻

Donuts. Beer. Fried Chicken. Pinterest. It must be Halloween, again! Take a good look at four of the most notable Halloween campaigns of 2017! Pick your favorite then read about what made each of these campaigns worth mentioning!

  1. Pinterest: Interactive Haunted House

You can go play for yourself, here: https://www.pinteresthauntedhouse.com/

(These images are screenshots taken from https://www.pinteresthauntedhouse.com/)


Pinterest’s Haunted House engages with audiences by allowing them to see Halloween decorations through an interactive website. This is a phenomenal idea which prompts the consumer to do more than scroll and pin, but contemplate ideas in a way they would not have usually done. The site is dark and spooky, and it allows you to create your own journey. Through this process of creating, you’ll also find pins you love and want to bring home with you! When you click on the Pinterest logo to discover ideas, you build a stronger association between Pinterest and amazing ideas you fall in love with, thus strengthening ties between the Pinterest brand and consumers immensely. You can enter the house, switch rooms, and continuously discover ideas ranging from decorations to costumes all the way to makeup.

2. Natty Light: 2:07 Prank Video! (Must Watch)

“We’re making mischief this Halloween. Check out the shocked reactions when we show off our Natty costume for unsuspecting shoppers. Have a great Halloween and remember, act natural.”


Natural Light’s prank video displays how a low cost budget can prominently showcase their product while getting in the spirit of the holidays with a little bit of pranking. This quick video is easily shareable in a fun-loving-thank-god-its-not-that-snowman-again sort of scare!

3. KFC: Become The Colonel

Costume kits sell for $5 and are purchasable at https://www.kfclimited.com/#2 where you can shop, look, and engage with the brand.


KFC’s Halloween Store isn’t for the average passer-by. We’re talking die-hard-I-love-KFC-KFC-is-life type of consumer. These are the people willing to pay $76 for a friend chicken sweatshirt and dress up as the colonel for either trick-or-treating or a Tuesday night Halloween party!

4. Dunkin Donuts: Dressing Up Donuts


Spider Donut



Halloween Donuts


Boston Scream




Dunkin Donut’s Halloween Donuts brings the spirit of the holiday to life in the very essence of their stores. With fun, creative names such as “Boston Scream” and “Spider Donut,” Dunkin shows consumers they too and a friendly, trendy company and a place you can go to purchase a dozen fun holiday-themed donuts for your family or significant other. Holidays are not complete without food, and bringing back dozens of munchkin donuts and Boston Screams are a surefire way to get in the holiday spirit!

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