Trying To Start A New Routine? Read This

Nobody sees the world as it is. Get that lie out of your head. Every thought or idea is conjured up in our minds through our perception of how we see the world. You can choose how you see the world. Most people don’t. It’s not because they CAN’T or choose not to, it’s because they don’t know. It’s not ignorance either. Phrases such as, “self-help books won’t do you any good,” or “I don’t bother wasting my time, and you shouldn’t either because I don’t. If you want to read, pick up a law degree, go to school and get a job for somebody else” are constructed through consistent information overtime convincing that person of how the world is to be seen. I can’t think of a single person who, while aware of their thought process, would choose to see the world anything but prosperous and full of potential.

“I can’t think of a single person who, while aware of their thought process, would choose to see the world anything but prosperous and full of potential.

Now clearing your mind of thoughts, and living in the NOW is different than perceiving the world. At that point, you’ve separated your MIND from CONSCIOUSNESS and perception has taken a back seat. This idea is separate from meditation and being one with the universe. The future doesn’t exist. It can only live in our minds. When you become aware of the world around you, and I’m not talking about noticing how tall the trees are, the temperature around you, or this book in your hand. That is what is. Go deeper. Why is the tree there, why is it as high as it is. Why does your body automatically block out stimulus from the surrounding temperature. Why is it that it took thinking about the feelings around you, to notice them? Our bodies are here to survive and reproduce. It’s instinctual to live in a way that makes that process easiest. You body doesn’t want to spend time or waste energy letting you know it’s comfortable outside. It’ll alert you if there’s a change, if it’s too hot or too cold. This is a change in how you think. Just how you became aware of the physical stimuli around your body, you are becoming aware of the metaphysical stimuli inside your body. When you notice your cold, you take physical actions to change your body temperature. You get a sweater, grab a blanket, or turn the heat up. That process takes two steps.

  1. NOTICE YOU ARE COLD – This is when you become aware of your physical surroundings.

  2. TAKE PHYSICAL ACTION- You take action to change your temperature.

Translate this to the metaphysical world. Stay inside yourself right now. Notice your pattern of thinking. This may take days, weeks, or simply a reflection of old habits. You may think back to a series of what you believe were mistakes but you are now seeing as you read this sentence are turning into opportunities for change. You may have an “ahhh” moment when your thought process becomes clear to you. If it still isn’t, try writing down why you do things. Question even the simplest things from getting dressed in the mornings, to brushing your teeth with the other hand. We are creatures of habit and patterns.

“It’s easy to do what’s easy. It’s hard to question what you’ve always done. It’s harder to continue to challenge the norm.”

If you want to be normal close this page, turn on the television or grab the newspaper, and stay the hell out of everyone else’s way. You don’t have time for normal. No normal person ever did anything great. No normal person ever accomplished their goals. They just sat there complaining about how the world is so hard and their life is so tough, but never did anything about it. Here’s a first step – break your routine. You’ll reap the benefits DAY ONE. Treat ever day with DAY ONE excitement. Do it.

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