How Changing Your Paradigm Can Grow Your Business

This post is a direct response to Danielle Sacks’ 2010 article, “The Future of Advertising” nearly 6 years later.

There’s no doubt the advertising world is changing, our entire world is rapidly evolving every second at speeds that used to be deemed unfathomable. The article basically details how trends in advertising are evolving, and a lot of people are falling behind. The article gives them excuses, saying that because the advertising industry is changing people are out of jobs. I disagree. I think those people are either too lazy, close minded, or unequipped to handle the change in reality. The book “Paradigms” by Joel Barker gives this great graph (as shown below) which demonstrates the slope at which change occurs in the business world.


The only catch is, due to the internet, the slope has gotten much steeper, and there are more. Essentially, if the small circle in the lower left hand corner of the chart was the creation of mobile phones, twitter, email, youtube, the first few who understand how to use the platform correctly will see massive success. Gary Vaynerchuck, who’s website you can access here (or by clicking on his name), started his youtube channel “Wine Library” only four months after the launch of YouTube. He saw the potential. He saw the paradigm shift. Anyone complaining and not working doesn’t have a winning mindset, one comprising of what it takes to build a brands awareness in an extremely overcrowded marketplace.

While his new book, #AskGaryVee is absolutely incredible, one of his earlier ones, “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook: How To Tell Your Story in a Noisy Social World” explains just that. If I were to choose to take my advice from either someone who’s out of a job because they’re a “digital immigrant” or Gary Vee who’s an actual immigrant about to buy the freakin’ New York Jets, I’ll take Gary Vee any day of the week..

I’m 20. Hence, I wasn’t alive in the 1960s and other eras that seem to have occurred in black and white in my head. Y’all, that must have been a very boring time for advertising. The entire creative process of making an advertisement was set up like an assembly line. There was a whole system to follow, and a step by step guide each person, whether an executive director or account manager would step up, fill in, and wait for the next one. You could do the same thing at a McDonald’s drive through. One person takes the order, the next hands it, then you wait for the next customer to pull up to the window. Luckily, times are changing. New titles are appearing thanks to new advancements in digital technology.

The book “Growth Hacker” by Ryan Holiday actually discusses ways in which advertising budgets were able to maximize ROI by finding alternative ways to earn free media and consumer attention. At the end of each outgoing email from a user’s account, Hotmail added a little tag saying “Get your free email at Hotmail.” They leveraged existing users along with existing digital technology, and didn’t have to spend a cent. You may now recognize the “Sent from my iPhone” tag that followed suit.


Thanks for reading this. If you found any value in it, please share it along. If you’re Gary Vaynerchuck, I’ll take an internship please!!! I’m not sure if you know if or not, but you’re definitely a huge mentor of mine.

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