Move That Bus! Follow Along If You Are Hungry…

In Belgium, Burger King doesn’t reign…but it comes pretty damn close!

In fact, Burger King Brussels recently dropped “King” from their logo after a narrow defeat in an open poll asking visitors, “Who is the king?”

After angering the Belgian monarchy who claimed, “We are not amused,” Burger King Brussels set a Whopper Bus loose.

The bus took people to Burger King’s one restaurant as you can watch in the quick clip below.

The Whopper Bus was an act of goodwill. The first campaign didn’t go over too well with the monarchy, but did spread viral around the world.


This second campaign, as part of a partnership with De Lijn, a Belgian transport company, was well received. The bus ran between roughly 10:30 am and 9:00 pm, sharing tickets and swag with passengers at every stop.

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