Millennials Are Killing Apps With Uncool Design

We’re really just killing everything nowadays. Check this one out. Looks matter, and to millennial smartphone users, they matter a lot more. Remember when Instagram came out with the new design? Yeah. They were onto something.

According to Comscore’s annual mobile app report, millennials will delete apps if they don’t like how it looks on their screen. While Gen Xers were generally more forgiving, with only about 2% removing apps due to aesthetics, millennials were much more cutthroat, 21% of uninstalling apps due to logo appearance.

Senior Comscore marketing analyst, Adam Lella, remarked “Millennials identify closely with their smartphones, and nearly every aspect of their lives is integrated with it.” Apps, stickers, and phone cases are all integral to iPhone aesthetics. “For that reason, apps on their phone represent who they are. Even if an app serves a practical need or purpose, many Millennials don’t want it on their phone if they don’t like the way it looks and represents them.”

A new concept is now proposed by AdAge, “Perhaps the next nut to crack for marketers is figuring out a way to land prime real estate on the user’s phone.”

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