How To Use Content Marketing To Break Through Clutter

Every minute, 1440 blog posts are written with WordPress and 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube. Nearly any “how to” idea you can think of has already been posted. Give it a shot. Go to google, and type in “how to _______?” Fill in the blank with the weirdest idea you could create, and it’s likely out there. The problem you are facing is how to create different content. Create content that answers this question: Who is the content for? If it’s for you or your business, try again.

Other than blogs, social media content (93%) is used the most on average. Case studies (82%) are a close second, followed by blogs (81%), eNewsletters (81%), in-person events (81%), articles on your website (79%), videos (79%), illustrations/photos (76%), white papers (71%), infographics (67%), webinars/webcasts (66%), and online presentations (65%).

In a world of overwhelming content, marketers face select challenges, namely producing engaging content (60%), measuring content effectiveness (57%), producing content consistently (57%), measuring the ROI of content marketing program (52%), lack of budget (35%), and producing a variety of content (35%).

Here are some quick pointers for overcoming these challenges. Don’t produce content for google. Don’t produce content because your boss told said so. Create content to be consumed. Create content to teach, to instruct, to guide, to entertain. Create content to inform, to engage and to develop a relationship with your consumer. Speak to them directly, as I am speaking to you.

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