Fake Instagram Influencers Are Deceiving Brands

We’ve all known “finstas” to be the latest social trend. Some users are branching off and creating “sadstas” to document posts even more exclusive than a simple “finsta.” However, there’s a new “finsta” brands and marketing agencies should be aware about, fake Instagram influencers.

With over $1 billion being spent on Instagram influencers in 2017, Mediakix, one of the worlds leading influencer marketing agencies, ran a case study to prove whether or not fake accounts could land sponsorship deals. They landed four.


@calibeachgirl310 was created using the content of a one day photoshoot with a hired model.


@wanderingggirl was created using entirely stock photos. After generating fake content, Mediakix purchased followers and engagement then reached out to independent influencer marketing platforms where they received a total of four paid brand deals within days. Agencies running influencer campaigns, or even smaller brands with sponsors and partnerships, need to be weary of real life influencer fraud.

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