Why Emotion Precedes Logic


For DECADES marketers and researchers have been conducting polls, surveys and questionnaires either online, over the phone, or face to face, etc. However, newfound research in neuromarketing has been suggesting what people say is only a logical rationalization of how they feel, and since humans are emotional beings and acting on instinct precedes logic, simply asking a sample – or even a population in its’ entirety- is no longer the most accurate strategy for conducting consumer research. While online research methods likely comprise the majority the cheapest research methods, fMRIs along with EEGs give researchers a clearer understanding of the biological basis for consumer decision making. Simply put, using a classic example, when asked on the street or even in a twitter poll, “Coke or Pepsi?” a trend of answers suggest a preference to Coke because of taste, even though blind taste tests suggest otherwise.

“The Reptilian Always Wins.” – Patrick Renvoise

In his 2013 Ted Talk, Patrick Renvoise (as shown above) details to consumers what experts know about the brain, ranging from the neocortex, requiring effort, logic, and slower to process, to the middle brain (our emotional selves), to our reptilian brain, or instinctual self which has the greatest impact on influencing our final decisions. In his words, “the reptilian always wins.”

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