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Why Always True?


AT – Welcome To The Movement from Always True Lifestyle Co. on Vimeo.

Always True aspires to motivate individuals driven to change the world. They’ve developed a “lifestyle… that allow[s] you to be who you truly are…” Always True is a movement for those who want to change the status quo, and for those who believe anything is possible.

“A lifestyle that allows you to be who you truly are.”

Always True, the stage name for Brandon Howard,  was passionate about making music, was a rapper on the come up, and believed in creating his own path in life. I never got to know Brandon personally, but with permission of his brother, Drew Howard, I’m continuing his story which lives on through his family and close friends who believe in his movement.


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If you’re with the Always True movement, spread the message! They’re a lifestyle company who just happens to sell phenomenal clothing!! You can show your support by clicking here!


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